There has been 2 new diesel engine oil spec’s introduced in 2017. The FA-4 is designed for some 2017 and newer diesel engines(it is a lower viscosity) and the CK-4 is backward compatible for 2017 and older with 75% more protection. AMSOIL has the CK-4 spec’ed oils available now, with 6X more wear protection than the industry standard. AMSOIL’S  CK-4 spec’ed oils are more far superior than the earlier CJ-4 oils.  AMSOIL will at a later date have the FA spec’ed oils. AMSOIL’s new CK oils will meet Fords new requirements , WSS-M2C171E along with all major engine manufacturers.

Here is an article from ALS Laboratories in which we give them the credit. Click Here!

A new specification will be released in the near future for gasoline engines also. AMSOIL currently meets this spec & supersedes the SN gen2 specs and protects 100% against Low speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI)


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