Current Gasoline Engine Oil Spec’s

When you go to purchase oil for you gasoline or propane engine make sure it meets the correct specifications. Click Here for AMSOIL Gas Oils! Also save 25% by becoming a member or preferred customer. In 2005 the American Petroleum Institute (API) spec changed from SL in 2005  to SM, SN Dexos. These new oil specifications limit the amount of zinc and phosphorous (ZDDP) by approximately 30% less, this is detrimental to flat tappet camshafts & lifters! Now a new PCMO (passenger car motor oil) spec is coming in 2017 and AMSOIL will have it by September. It is designed for newer GDI engines that experience Low speed engine pre-ignition (LSPI), it will meet Dexos 1 gen 2 spec’ed oil, it will also meet the SP spec when API releases it. These new oils by AMSOIL are the pinnacle in performance with 75% more protection and 100 % protection against LSPI (low speed pre-ignition). Gas Direct Ignition (GDI) engines will be in most new vehicles by 2020!

Remembering AMSOIL’S Founder

Mr. Amatuzio was a Man that was absolutely amazing, had great character and integrity . Read Here!


There are 2 new diesel engine oil spec’s introduced in 2017. The FA-4 is designed for some 2017 and newer diesel engines(it is a lower viscosity) and the CK-4 is backward compatible for 2017 and older with 75% more protection. AMSOIL  has the CK-4 spec’ed oils available now, with 6X more wear protection than the industry standard. AMSOIL’S  CK-4 spec’ed oils are more far superior than the CJ-4 earlier oils.  AMSOIL will at a later date have the FA spec’ed oils. AMSOIL’s new CK oils will meet Fords new requirements , WSS-M2C171E along with all major engine manufacturers.

Here is an article from ALS Laboratories in which we give them the credit. Click Here!

Firearm Protection is Here from AMSOIL

Firearm owners & enthusiasts,  AMSOIL  has 3 superior products for your firearms. First is the cleaner & protectant and to protect and after cleaning is the lubricant in either spray or liquid! The moving components of your firearm will move easier,  especially your slide on an auto with 75% more protection and will be protected from contaminants. This has been confirmed by testimonials!!

Become A Member & Buy at Wholesale

AMSOIL  offers you the opportunity to become a preferred customer and buy their products at dealer cost (wholesale), you will save around 25%. AMSOIL also offers and special promotions like points toward future purchases discounts, referral rewards & free shipping.  Click Here for details! AMSOIL products will absolutely reduce the wear on your components by 75% also! Join now and reap the benefits!

Small Engine Oils

AMSOIL manufactures several small engine oils, whether it is for your 4 stroke or 2 stroke engine (100-1 pre-mix),  lawn mower, generator,  out board motor 10-30 or 10-40, ATV or UTV, etc. AMSOIL also has a complete line of 2 cycle oils for every need. Click Here! AMSOIL is the “Leader in Synthetic Lubricants” and will let your engine operate at least 20 degrees F cooler & usually 50 degrees F all under normal operating conditions. When you chose AMSOIL your engine will have 75% more protection!