Cycles Never Ran Better

Cycles Never Ran Better


AMSOIL Synthetic SAE 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil (MCV) is a premium oil designed for those who demand the absolute best lubrication for their motorcycles.  This is why Eric Buell and his racing team uses AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants. AMSOIL 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil is the result of extensive research and is specially formulated to excel in all areas unique to motorcycles, including the high temperatures of air-cooled engines such as Harley-Davidson® V-Twins, wet-clutch lubrication, extreme-pressure regions of gears and chains and rust common to short trips and storage. For those who rebuild their engines check out AMSOL pre-lube and our break in oil.

AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle OilAMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil and Products are multi-functional and fulfills the requirements of both domestic and foreign motorcycles. It outperforms other conventional and synthetic motorcycle oils. AMSOIL, the leader in synthetic lubrication, produced the world’s first API-qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972. Trust the extensive experience of AMSOIL, The First in Synthetics,® to do the best job protecting your motorcycle with AMSOIL’s superior oils and filtration!

Reduces Friction, Heat and Wear
In high heat conditions, engine protection is not sacrificed with AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. It has exceptional high-temperature film strength and contains a heavy treatment of anti-wear additives to reduce wear regardless of operating conditions. AMSOIL 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil is thermally (heat) stable and contains maximum levels of oxidation inhibitor additives. It is extremely resistant to breakdown and engineered to prevent damaging sludge and carbon deposits for superior engine cleanliness.

Provides Extreme Pressure Quality Protection for Gears and Chains
With AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil, there is no need for separate transmission or primary chaincase lubricants. It is absolutely shear stable and will not thin out from mechanical activity. AMSOIL 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil performs like a gear lube without the negative effects of extreme-pressure additives. In the FZG gear test, AMSOIL achieved a perfect score with a “zero” wear rating.

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Three Other Motorcycle Oils Are Available

AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-30 Motorcycle Oil (MCT)     PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Premium AMSOIL synthetic motor oil










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Current Gasoline Engine Oil Spec’s

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When purchasing oil for you gasoline or propane engine oil make sure it meets the correct & current specifications. Click Here for AMSOIL Gas Oils! Also save 25% by becoming a member or preferred customer. In 2005 the American Petroleum Institute (API) spec changed from SL in 2005  to SM, SN Dexos. These new oil specifications limit the amount of zinc and phosphorous (ZDDP) by approximately 30% less, this is detrimental to flat tappet camshafts & lifters! Now a new PCMO (passenger car motor oil) spec is coming in future (2019) and...

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Remembering AMSOIL’S Founder

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Mr. Amatuzio was a Man that was absolutely amazing, had great character and integrity . Read Here!… Continue reading

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There has been 2 new diesel engine oil spec’s introduced in 2017. The FA-4 is designed for some 2017 and newer diesel engines(it is a lower viscosity) and the CK-4 is backward compatible for 2017 and older with 75% more protection. AMSOIL has the CK-4 spec’ed oils available now, with 6X...

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Firearm Protection is Here from AMSOIL

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Firearm owners & enthusiasts,  AMSOIL  has 3 superior products for your firearms. First is the cleaner & protectant and to protect and after cleaning is the lubricant in either spray or liquid! The moving components of your firearm will move easier,  especially your slide on an auto with 75% more protection and will be protected from… ...

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Become A Member & Buy at Wholesale

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AMSOIL  offers you the opportunity to become a preferred customer (member) and buy all their products at dealer cost (wholesale), you will save around 25%. AMSOIL also offers and special promotions like points toward future purchases discounts, referral rewards & free shipping for orders over $100.00.  Click Here for details! AMSOIL products will absolutely reduce… ...

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Small Engine Oils

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AMSOIL manufactures several small engine oils, whether it is for your 4 stroke or 2 stroke engine (100-1 pre-mix),or injector systems for your 2 cycle,  lawn mower, generator,  out board motor 10-30 or 10-40, ATV...

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Vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filters

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In 2007 on road highway diesel vehicles where mandated to use DPF’s (diesel particulate filters)  by the EPA in the United States and off road vehicles in 2012 over a certain HP, (above 25 HP). During normal operation the DPF’s do a great job in cleaning the exhaust contaminants (NOX) from diesel engines but they definitely do create problems. Some major problems are fuel dilution in the oil (especially in… ...

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Two Stroke Engines

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AMSOIL manufacturers and designed the ultimate protection in 2 stroke oils for every 2 cycle engine application. AMSOIL is the leader in 2 stroke oils!! Click Here! AMSOIL  manufactured The First 100-1 two cycle oil and has improved it over the years for air or water cooled engines for more efficient emissions. If… ...

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AMSOIL Grease for every need

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AMSOIL designs & manufactures a grease for any & every vehicle application. Whether its for your vehicle, boat, trailer, truck or heavy equipment needs. Whether you are into racing, the Arctic, Rainy or Desert conditions.  Click here...

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Boaters & Water Sport Enthusiasts

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AMSOIL has every product to keep your water craft & trailers in top operating condition. AMSOIL manufactures a pump and the specific gear lube you need for your boats lower unit, whether it is Volvo Penta, OMC or Mercury. Make sure you keep you water craft operating like new with… ...

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