Top Truck Performance

Top Truck Performance

AMSOIL introduced the world’s first synthetic motor oil for diesel engines in 1975 and dramatically redefined the performance and protection available to diesel owners. Today, AMSOIL is the recognized leader in synthetic lubricant technology and offers a variety of exclusive synthetic diesel oil formulations, each tailored to meet the unique demands of hard-working diesel engines. Motorists worldwide choose AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils for the extraordinary benefits they provide. Complete information on Amsoil products and cost Comparisons.  Click Here! For Testimonials Click Here!

Protection and Performance

AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils reduce friction and wear better than conventional oils, helping hard-working diesel engines perform better, run cooler and last longer. AMSOIL has the best oil formulation for all around protection than any synthetic and or conventional oil on the market  They withstand high-temperature breakdown to help prevent harmful deposits from forming, yet remain fluid in sub-zero temperatures for easier cold starts and nearly immediate circulation and protection.

Maximum Fuel Economy

AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils’ advanced lubricity (slipperiness) results not only in enhanced performance and protection, but increased fuel efficiency as well. With less resistance to internal moving parts, engines are able to operate at peak efficiency and deliver maximum MPG.

6.54% INCREASE IN FUEL ECONOMY TEST with Ford Data G2904

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Extended Drain IntervalsAMSOIL Synthetics for Pick-up Trucks

AMSOIL coined the phrase “extended drain interval” over 40 years ago. Advanced chemistry allow extended-drain AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils to remain effective up to three times longer than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations and AMSOIL also manufactures high efficiency oil filters for further benefits, click here! Motorists benefit significantly through reduced oil costs and increased convenience through fewer oil changes and less used oil disposal. SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers) did a 3 year  study in 1998 on Synthetic Lubricants and this verified what AMSOIL has been doing for 40 years.

AMSOIL Premium API CJ-4 Synthetic Diesel Oils  is the premium choice for model-year 2007 and newer diesel engines requiring API CJ-4 oils. Available in 5W-40 and 15W-40.

AMSOIL 15W-40 Synthetic Diesel and Marine Oil is engineered with a high 12 Total Base Number to provide exceptional performance and protection throughout extended drain intervals for diesel engines without DPFs.

AMSOIL HDD 5W-30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil is engineered for all on- and  off-road diesel applications not equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

AMSOIL Synthetic 10-W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil exceeds both 10W-30 and SAE 30 viscosity requirements not equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

AMSOIL OE 15W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil provides excellent performance and protection for the entire duration of OEM-recommended drain intervals. Meets API CJ-4 requirement for DPF’s.

Superior Diesel Protection: Comparison Chart

How Does AMSOIL Compare to Other Brands?

Maximum Shear Stability

The severe environments found inside diesel engines can tear apart, or shear, the molecular structure of oil, leading to viscosity loss. Making matters worse, moderate levels of fuel dilution common in some applications impair an oil’s ability to resist shear. Four percent fuel dilution is often enough to reduce an oil’s sheared viscosity to less than its specified viscosity grade, leading to metal-to-metal contact and accelerated equipment wear.

AMSOIL doubled the standard Kurt Orbahn 90-cycle test (ASTM D-6278) used to test shear  stability and had the oils tested for 180 cycles. Samples were then contaminated with 2 and 4  percent ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD). Even at 4 percent fuel dilution, AMSOIL Premium API CJ-4 Synthetic Diesel Oil stayed in grade to maintain engine protection while the other oils failed.

Transmission Fluids

AMSOIL Synthetic SAE 50# Long life Fluid specially formulated to meet the demanding requirements of Manual Transmissions

AMSOIL Synthetic Automatic Transmission Torque Drive Fluid is engineered specifically for the TES-295 Allison Specification

AMSOIL Transmission Fluids for all Makes & Models Check out the latest test results for AMSOIL ATF

Gear Lubes For Differentials

AMSOIL Synthetic 75w90 FGR Long Life gear lube designed to go 500,000 miles in OTR applications. Click Here for a Study on Long Life Gear Lube

AMSOIL Full Line Of gear Lubes for all normal and severe applications

Grease Products

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric GreaseTruck,  Chassis and Equipment Grease Products

Increased Fuel Economy

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Federal Test Procedure (FTP) confirms that, when compared to conventional 15W-40 diesel oil, AMSOIL Premium API CJ-4 5W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil improves fuel economy through virtually all driving scenarios. Operators save on fuel costs and reap the benefits of increased engine protection.Increased Fuel Economy The Environmental  Protection Agency’s (EPA) Federal Test Procedure (FTP) confirms that, when  compared to conventional 15W-40 diesel oil, AMSOIL Premium API CJ-4 5W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil improves fuel economy through virtually all driving scenarios. Operators save on fuel costs and reap the benefits of increased engine protection.

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