Boaters & Water Sport Enthusiasts

AMSOIL has every product to keep your water craft & trailers in top operating condition. AMSOIL manufactures a pump and the specific gear lube you need for your boats lower unit, whether it is Volvo Penta, OMC or Mercury. Make sure you keep you water craft operating like new with… Continue reading

Towing Tips

When towing you want to know your vehicles towing rating & be sure your vehicles power train fluids (this included your coolant) have been serviced properly to avoid expensive break downs. Using  AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants & AMSOIL Coolant will ensure that you get the most life out of you vehicle power train with 75%

Old Day with A New Oil

It is very rewarding plus so simple when it comes to changing your own engine oil & filter, differential fluids, and even your transmission oil & filter. Plus you will have some special quality time learning & teaching your children, family or friends some basic vehicle maintenance. So take control now and you will know it was done right. AMSOIL has… Continue reading

Racers Start your Engine with AMSOIL

AMSOIL is “The First in Synthetics” and always has been the leader in Synthetic Lubricants with 75% more protection. Engine re-builders be sure to use AMSOIL’s break in oil. This not only includes your daily driver but also includes racing engines, check out their complete line of products here. AMSOIL also manufactures a… Continue reading


AMSOIL now offers free shipping to catalog customers who order $100.00 or more worth of products from AMSOIL, before taxes! Click Here for details!! This is only available to Catalog customers not dealers, commercial accounts or preferred customers. Retail accounts have special freight rates and free shipping on orders over $300.00. Check with us to see what is the best alternative for you? Preferred


Contaminants will always cause excessive wear and premature failures when not kept out of any lubricating system. Always use clean containers & products when adding oils. AMSOIL is filtered 3 times before being packaged and production target cleanliness is 18/16/11. No other oil company meets this stringent specification!

Contact us to find out ways to prevent contaminants from entering into your lubrication systems, for example a… Continue reading

Muscle Cars

AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants has the solution for every owner, builder & enthusiast that has muscle cars. This also applies to any motorist that has engines with flat tappet camshafts (usually pre 2005). You need to be aware of the current gasoline specified oils since 2006 (SM,SN, GM Dexos 1&2). They lack the zinc & phosphorus (approximately 30% less)  that is necessary for… Continue reading


Lets think about these Myths (stories) and examine the facts, we have all heard horrible stories or statements (Hear say, Myths) about some bad product or service. But when we actually take the time & do the research we usually find out these statements are not true, like what is the difference between Synthetic and conventional oil. What ever the story (myth) is about we always… Continue reading

Dealership opportunity available

Owning your on business is such a honor & so rewarding. Most of us have an inner desire to have our own business. AMSOIL gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. Become an AMSOIL dealer, buy at cost and receive commissions $$. This is a great opportunity to have  your own business click here! You may make it a part time… Continue reading