Vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filters

In 2007 on road highway diesel vehicles where mandated to use DPF’s (diesel particulate filters)  by the EPA in the United States and off road vehicles in 2012 over a certain HP, (above 25 HP). During normal operation the DPF’s do a great job in cleaning the exhaust contaminants (NOX) from diesel engines but they definitely do create problems. Some major problems are fuel dilution in the oil (especially in the Ford 6.7L). Some are excessive fuel consumption, back pressure in the exhaust system which limits your performance which can your engine to shut down or go into limp mode and excessive engine wear in certain applications. Contact us to understand these issues and the difference in how they operate or read this article on DPF’s. Click here for a YouTube on diesel particulate fundamentals, far left video. Congress passed a law that made it is legal to remove DPF’s from all emergency vehicles. The main reason is so they will not shut off or go to limp mode during operations!!

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